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Architecture Tours

SLO -Walks through urban layers of Istanbul- Through the ages, Byzantium, Constantinopolis, Istanbul, showed the energy to redefine and redesign itself, in an endless struggle against wars, political or religious intrigues, earthquakes, fires and uncontrolled urbanization. Despite all these facts, the City, by its exceptional history, geographic position and nature, remains one of the pearls on earth. Architect, specialized in urban studies, Sinan proposes unique walks across the ancient Imperial Capital offering a deep lecture on all the urban transformations undergone by the city through different ages.The walks are accompanied by historical maps, plans and engravings that will allow you to read the multilayered urban fabric and visit neighborhoods out of common touristic paths where activities remained the same since centuries. SINAN LOGIE In 1998, after his Architecture Studies at Institut Superieur d’Architecture Victor Horta in Brussels, Sinan started his collaboration with one of Belgium’s most progressive architecture office: L’Escaut. Since 2005, Sinan has developed his personal architectural and artistic work through various projects in Belgium and Turkey. His work has been exhibited and published in Europe, USA and Turkey. Currently, he is leading his architecture office and teaching Studio courses at Istanbul Bilgi University as well as writing a book on the urban spread of Istanbul, which will be published autumn 2014.  

Art Tours

Turkey has been home to many civilizations and they all left a trace. From religious carvings and icons to architectural masterpieces; there is so much to explore of classic arts. Turkish artists still produce a great deal and modern art museums and artifact can be found widely. Turkey also hosts many art festivals throughout the year.

Culinary Tours

Turkey is paradise for food lovers! Turkish cuisine, one of the richest in the world, offers plenty of variety due to its geographical and cultural diversity. Even though the best known dish is probably The Kebab, Turkish cuisine offers many vegetarian options as well. The ingredients, cooking methods, eating habits and tastes differ from region to region. No visit to any country is complete without tasting its food and understanding its cuisine and Turkey is no exception. We have prepared a variety of culinary packages covering different regions which can easily be combined if desired. Bon Appetit – or as we say, Afiyet Olsun!  

Dance & Music Tours

Turkish Music is such a rich world with many different types from all different regions. From oriental beats, to classical tunes, from tangos to folk music there is so much to hear, sing and dance along to. Turkey also features many international music and dance festivals so you can also enjoy world music during your stay in many clubs, music halls and significant concert venues such as palaces and churches.

Garden Tours and Holidays

Unison Turkey has teamed up with specialist Gursan Ergil and created tours and holidays that will take you along Turkish history and culture through its gardens and botany.

“There is no doubt about Istanbul; even the wariest traveler can be certain they won’t experience disappointment there during their holidays”
Edmondo de Amicis. Istanbul, a meeting point between the Eastern and the Western garden traditions, has a fascinating but relatively unknown place in the history of garden design. Our garden tours designed to visit some of the most interesting gardens of this historic city and its surroundings. Our tours and holidays include visits of some private residences where we will meet garden owners, and artists. Gursan Ergil, a garden designer & historian, who has a good knowledge of the region, and its landscape, will lead the tour. Local guides will be joining us if necessary.

Gursan Ergil

Gursan Ergil spent six years living in the United States and studying landscape design, history, and preservation at Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum, where he later lectured on Islamic Gardens for two years. After moving United Kingdom from US, he continued studying at Cambridge Universtiy’s advanced garden history program. Today, based in Istanbul, Turkey, he splits his time between lecturing, leading tours and writing books on gardens. Ergil’s eco-friendly furniture and sustainable landscape designs are published on international media and his mobile gardens series was exhibited at Marta Herford Museum in Germany. Ergil currently works as landscape curator at Prince’s Island Museum in Istanbul and he is the author of the book ‘Gardens of Princes Islands’.  http://www.gursanergil.com  

History Tours

Thanks to its location, Turkey has been home to many grand civilizations throughout history and through excavations traces of many early settling are still being found. Very well preserved ancient cities, mosques, churches and palaces and thousands of museums can be visited throughout the country.

Religion Tours

Turkey is a sight to visit for many religions as a pilgrimage. All 3 major religions have been widely practised here for many years. Many sites in Turkey are mentioned in the holy books. Even though 90% of the population is Muslim, Turkey is a secular republic and there is a great tolerance for every practise

Stories of Istanbul (Art & History Walks)

TV by Ken Brown copy STORIES OF ISTANBUL Old City Art Walks with an Artist and Storyteller Trici Venola Anecdotal art walks around Istanbul featuring major attractions such as Hagia Sophia, but specializing in the odd detail and often-overlooked aspect of this multi-layered place. Trici Venola: A groundbreaking Los Angeles digital painter and MacEvangelist, Trici Venola moved to Istanbul in 1999 and began drawing everything she saw. She has now created over 2000 drawings of this rapidly-changing city at the center of the world, authoring two books of drawings, Drawing On Istanbul and Drawing On Istanbul 2, both available on Amazon, as well as The Drawing On Istanbul Blog, popular with art historians, Byzantine scholars, students and those who just like a good read, with pictures. She learned the history of the places she was drawing, and local people showed her things few get to see. https://tricivenola.wordpress.com/  

Sun & Sea Tours

Turkey is one of the most popular sun & sea holidays resorts in the world. Against the general impression, Turkey isn’t just full of all-inclusive, crowded, cheap hotels. You can book yourself in a beautiful boutique hotel located at a breathtakingly beautiful bay and enjoy a luxurious and relaxing holiday.