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    Izmir & Region

Culinary Tours

Turkey is paradise for food lovers! Turkish cuisine, one of the richest in the world, offers plenty of variety due to its geographical and cultural diversity. Even though the best known dish is probably The Kebab, Turkish cuisine offers many vegetarian options as well. The ingredients, cooking methods, eating habits and tastes differ from region to region. No visit to any country is complete without tasting its food and understanding its cuisine and Turkey is no exception. We have prepared a variety of culinary packages covering different regions which can easily be combined if desired. Bon Appetit – or as we say, Afiyet Olsun!  

Culture Tours

As the word culture can refer to many aspects of a country and its people; our cultural tours cover a variety of inclusions like sightseeing, daily life, shopping, traditions, etc..

Religion Tours

Turkey is a sight to visit for many religions as a pilgrimage. All 3 major religions have been widely practised here for many years. Many sites in Turkey are mentioned in the holy books. Even though 90% of the population is Muslim, Turkey is a secular republic and there is a great tolerance for every practise