Meet The Team


I have been a willing ambassador for my country for many years since I was 18. I have started my tourism life working in a youth hostel.. Since then I have met many people, booked lots of tours, wrote lots of itineraries and did a great amount of travelling myself. My biggest ambition is to explore new countries and cultures and I am very happy that I am able to make other people enjoy a great Turkey experience and hopefully create a difference for them with a touch of love and enthusiasm..


A good trip must be planned by a professional, well ahead and with lots of care. Every single detail must be calculated and taken care of. It needs a lot of professionalism and experience to be able to create the best itinerary for every individual or group; and running a flawless operation is of course the most important element..



I love traveling! When all my friends have been investing in buying houses, nice cars, and all those fancy possessions, I have kept spending all that I have earned on traveling. Some say I am crazy, some say I’m doing the best thing. No matter who says what, I’ll continue being a “professional tourist”–that’s how I identify myself. After all those years traveling around, I have learned what it is to be a tourist; and that is the perspective we strive to have at Unison Turkey: “What would a tourist love to do?”. Having seen many countries around the world, I have to admit that Turkey is a wonderful tourist destination. You would find whatever you are looking for: culture, history, nature, unique cuisine, all types of different climates, you name it. So I am happy to be able to blend my experience with a beautiful product and share it with Unison Turkey guests!


My passion for the outdoors and adventure began when i was a kid, by looking at the world atlas and dreaming the days i am going to travel overseas. Out of curiosity for new surroundings, i started traveling at the age of 15, across the Turkey and Europe on my own either by hitchhiking or various ways of transport. Then i started studying Tourism Administration in Istanbul, at Bogazici University, where i found a love for studying languages and culture, as well as keep on  practicing triathlon.

My travels have showed me the charm of understanding local cultures and societies, fueling my interest in the tourism industry’s role in sustainable international development. A free spirit, a lover of the outdoors, and a passionate triathlete, I am always seeking out my next journey!


Travel Mode ON! Ever since I started to recognize myself, I really loved dreaming and traveling. These always enrich my life and make me happy and energetic. I have not toured all over the world yet, but I will never give up planning on a map or surf the internet for my next trip. Also, I am highly interested in social media and e-marketing. So, when you come upon a post from Unison Turkey, on our social media pages, please feel free to say hi to me… We can talk about many topics such as latest tourism trends and authentic Turkish experiences.



Organizing travel for my clients is a great satisfaction for me. I know how important traveling is in somebody’s life, may it be for leisure or business. My aim is to make each trip an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. I try to understand my clients’ habits and preferences so that I can come up with the best ideas for them. A good trip, a good vacation, a good experience leads to much higher performance in work and private life, therefore I am happy to make people’s lives easier and more fun!