Architecture Tours


-Walks through urban layers of Istanbul-

Through the ages, Byzantium, Constantinopolis, Istanbul, showed the energy to redefine and redesign itself, in an endless struggle against wars, political or religious intrigues, earthquakes, fires and uncontrolled urbanization. Despite all these facts, the City, by its exceptional history, geographic position and nature, remains one of the pearls on earth.

Architect, specialized in urban studies, Sinan proposes unique walks across the ancient Imperial Capital offering a deep lecture on all the urban transformations undergone by the city through different ages.The walks are accompanied by historical maps, plans and engravings that will allow you to read the multilayered urban fabric and visit neighborhoods out of common touristic paths where activities remained the same since centuries.


In 1998, after his Architecture Studies at Institut Superieur d’Architecture Victor Horta in Brussels, Sinan started his collaboration with one of Belgium’s most progressive architecture office: L’Escaut.

Since 2005, Sinan has developed his personal architectural and artistic work through various projects in Belgium and Turkey. His work has been exhibited and published in Europe, USA and Turkey. Currently, he is leading his architecture office and teaching Studio courses at Istanbul Bilgi University as well as writing a book on the urban spread of Istanbul, which will be published autumn 2014.