Stories of Istanbul (Art & History Walks)

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Old City Art Walks with an Artist and Storyteller
Trici Venola

Anecdotal art walks around Istanbul featuring major attractions such as Hagia Sophia, but specializing in the odd detail and often-overlooked aspect of this multi-layered place.

Trici Venola:
A groundbreaking Los Angeles digital painter and MacEvangelist, Trici Venola moved to Istanbul in 1999 and began drawing everything she saw. She has now created over 2000 drawings of this rapidly-changing city at the center of the world, authoring two books of drawings, Drawing On Istanbul and Drawing On Istanbul 2, both available on Amazon, as well as The Drawing On Istanbul Blog, popular with art historians, Byzantine scholars, students and those who just like a good read, with pictures. She learned the history of the places she was drawing, and local people showed her things few get to see.