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Explore 12 Unique Experiences

Explore 12 Unique Experiences

Learn To Cook a 4-course menu - Turkish Style

Wherever in Turkey your itinerary takes you, you can take a half day break from sightseeing and be welcomed by a Turkish family or a chef and cook together a 4-course menu, only to enjoy together afterwards. Depending on the location your experience may be in a village house, or following a street market shopping, or a menu with a theme.

Mushroom Hunting on mountains of Anatolia

Did you know “morel mushroom - morchella esculenta ” was a rarely found and valuable type of mushroom and grew widely in Turkey? Join one of our Garden tours and if the season allows, join locals hunting mushrooms in the wild. This is a truly authentic experience, not a tour or a prearranged scenario (Sorry Italy). You really hunt your own mushrooms (if you can) and then you get to keep them. We like asking the chef of the hotel to cook us a ravioli with them!

Orchid Hunting in the wild

There are about 148 different orchid species growing in Turkey and 40 of these are endemic, that is, they are found in Turkey alone. Turkey is home to almost as many orchid species as those that are grown in the entirety of the European continent. In Turkey we also produce a flour from tubers of orchid and make a delicious hot drink called “Salep” with it. Check out our Garden Tours.

Rose Bathing in Isparta

Well, no, we are not really rose bathing. Isparta, located in the Lakes Region of Anatolia, close to Antalya, is famous with its roses. The harvest season is very short in May, and when it comes, the region is flourishing with the produce. There is a wide industry of roses, especially in producing beauty products. Join our garden tour and we may cover you with rose leaves, just for fun.

Street Food Tasting in the back streets of the Old City - Istanbul

The reason street food is so tasty is because all the shopkeepers of the region eat from these small stalls or restaurants. Take a half day walk along the busy streets of Eminonu, where trade of Grand Bazaar is still very active. Walk through crowds, listen to stories, taste pickles, spices, sweets, kebaps, sandwiches… OK no more spoilers. :)

Wine Tasting at spectacular vineyards

Yes, Turkey is a wine country. In fact, the wine route of Thrace is very popular amongst the discerned traveler. We are proud of our local producers and their world class wine production. Even during a busy day of touring, there is always a space for a sip of wine and some delicious gourmet food to go along.

Mehter Band -A concert of strength and courage

Mehter is the name of the Ottoman Military Marching Band, who used to accompany the army to the conquest campaigns. The music of this band is strong, sharp, uplifting and encouraging. The band performs inside the Military Museum everyday (except Mondays and Tuesdays) between 5-6pm.

Belly Dancing - Nice to watch? Nicer to do!

Glittering outfits, rhythmic music, move those hips and there you go, welcome to mystic world of Middle Eastern dances. Turkish style belly dancing is a worldwide performed art. Meet our local teachers in a workshop and move like you never did before.

Local Home Visit

Be a guest in the home of a local family, experience their daily life, taste their food, exchange traditions, get to know each other. This visit can be to a luxurious home in the posh part of the city, it can be a village house, or it can be home or atelier of an artist.

Festivals celebrate with local community

Join one of our many tours coinciding with a local festival and celebrate with locals, in their own style. Enjoy the shows, games, and witness the rituals first hand.

Sunset Watching

At the top of a hill you just climbed off your gulet in Fethiye, or after a hike through a valley in Cappadocia, or while sipping your wine by a lake; we make sure you experience amazing sunsets during your trip.

Blue Cruise

Turkey has an amazing coastline by the Mediterranean. Bays we go by boat are so remote that there is no access by road. Sleep under the stars, wake up and start the day with a dip in the cold and clear water. Amazing breakfast on board and enjoy the rest of the day of doing NOTHING!