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Irish Examiner has mentioned Unison Turkey on the latest article “Fantastic foodie destinations”. We present kindly thanks to Irish Examiner…

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul straddles two continents — Europe and Asia — and serves up all of the flavours, cultures and surprises its location evokes. From sizzling street food to rooftop restaurants, from olive oil-rich salads and vegetable dishes of the Mediterranean region to the spicy Middle Eastern-influenced dishes, a culinary adventure here offers endless opportunities to investigate and explore.
Müzedechanga (set in the Sabanci Museum gardens overlooking the Bosphorus) and Mikla (with views over the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace) are two restaurants for a treat.

Tours are also an option. Unison Turkey runs a variety of food-themed trips, including a four-night Istanbul Culinary Break (€669pp based on four sharing) with market visits, street food and meals at the city’s best, under-the-radar restaurants.

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